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The story of Adam and chimpanzee

Long ago when the Adam was alone in the garden of Eden,

He started to feel very lonely.
He saw every other species having its own female partner.
He was very much obsessed with his loneliness and decided to search for a perfect match for him.
He realized that chimpanzees are smartest of all species other than humans.
He started searching for the best one among all female chimpanzee to start sharing his living. With his best efforts he finally found one.

When he was about to make a decision on “the” chimpanzee, a thought dangled in his mind.
“Though I searched all the way and found the best and smartest chimpanzee, still its a chimpanzee not a human.”

In the last moment he gave up that thought of living with chimpanzee.
“God” was observing all this, and when Adam fell asleep he took one of side bones and created Eve for him.

The next day he realized, the soul mates are made but not chosen.
Adam and Eve became the best soul mates for ever.

(From old testament)

PS: May be we should realize too.


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Dream -> Do -> Dare => Done?

I DREAMED long while ago, but did not DO.
I DREAMED while ago, and I DID; but could not DARE.
Will it be DONE?

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