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The story of Adam and chimpanzee

Long ago when the Adam was alone in the garden of Eden,

He started to feel very lonely.
He saw every other species having its own female partner.
He was very much obsessed with his loneliness and decided to search for a perfect match for him.
He realized that chimpanzees are smartest of all species other than humans.
He started searching for the best one among all female chimpanzee to start sharing his living. With his best efforts he finally found one.

When he was about to make a decision on “the” chimpanzee, a thought dangled in his mind.
“Though I searched all the way and found the best and smartest chimpanzee, still its a chimpanzee not a human.”

In the last moment he gave up that thought of living with chimpanzee.
“God” was observing all this, and when Adam fell asleep he took one of side bones and created Eve for him.

The next day he realized, the soul mates are made but not chosen.
Adam and Eve became the best soul mates for ever.

(From old testament)

PS: May be we should realize too.


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Dream -> Do -> Dare => Done?

I DREAMED long while ago, but did not DO.
I DREAMED while ago, and I DID; but could not DARE.
Will it be DONE?

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Saga of my Master’s trial

Its been my dream from a long time, perhaps right from the college days. But never thought that I would be writing a post on my blog like this.

It all started when my favorite professor said that his son studied in Harvard University. I wanted to study in IITs, but later realized that it a little high target for me. At least I thought of giving a try for this as every crackfot will be going for master’s and why cant I. And the idea got planted. Getting selected in campus placements in the college has created a boundary of responsibilities and pushed me to go with job. And I did. After two years, with the help of my best friend I dug the masters idea again from its cemetery and started to bring it back to life. Started to plan for that in parallel to my job in reputed IT MNC.

April 2009: GRE Practice. Toefl practice. Required a computer and I bought one and soon lost it with in one month.
September 2009: GRE needs at least 1100 and Toefl needs at least 93 to call them as good scores. I screwed them both (1030,91).
December 2009: Applied for two universities and one said nothing (not even a rejection) and the other said they dint even get my application (what a turn). I sent the application once again that dragged for six months and I got no update from them.
April 2010: Reached some XYZ people for get the update on my application and deferred my admission to next semester to due delay in admit.
August 2010: Somehow got admit for that university and took around one and half a month to get the I20.
October, 2010: US Consulate, Chennai. Visa rejected under 214-B, due to my tensed face and dumb answers for a simple question like “Why MS?”
October, 2010 : US Consulate, Hyderabad
Felt much confident and attended the interview with the same confidence. But again screwed up at some question on finances, and it resulted into one more 214-B.
November 2011: Thoughts of MS were almost moved into trash.
But thought to recollect after talking to my best buddy.

Still I let my H1B to go further which is being sponsored by my company.

December, 2011: My H1B petition was filed at USCIS
February, 2011:
My H1B was approved by USCIS
March, 2011: H1B documents were received.
April, 2011: US Consulate, Chennai. Barely 2 questions, and visa was stamped.
May, 2011: Tickets booked for travel on May 13th.

Now tell me do you believe in fate.
Till now I wasn’t, but now I don’t have another choice.
I was more destined for a job than to study, may be.


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First flying experience .. thanks to Vw350en

I never thought I would get such a chance .. Got a call from Vw350en, and in no time they asked me to come over to Hyderabad.

In two days air tickets jumped into my mail box, I slowly started getting excited.

Up journey: MAA to HYD at 6:30 AM (Indian Airlines)
Down jouney: HYD to MAA at 6:55 PM (Jet Air)


Called one of my friend whose working as AME in MAA airport and asked him for guidelines. He suggested me to before at least 1hr saying its a peak time for domestic. Huh .. peak time I thought .. at morning 6:30 .. lets see ..

Went down to MAA at 4:30 AM itself, then I understood what he meant by peak time. Thousands of people are standing in queues of each airlines counters. Out of 4 Air India counters only 2 were open and there were 200 people standing in Q.

Waited patiently and took my boarding pass(took window seat:)) after 1 hour and 30 min more of security formalities.  Finally boarded the plane at 6:15 AM, it started at 6:30 and finally I started with my first flying.

Plane took 5 min running over the land for reaching assigned take off point. Upon reaching it, it started to accelerate and finally into air. I felt much that it was moving with great speed when on ground, but in the air it felt very smooth and  slow. However the images down on the earth started to become miniatures. Its like zooming out from the google maps using satellite mode 😀

Soon the clouds became visible right beside me,  in 2 more min there are no google maps out side only great white fur spread till the horizon.  See snaps I took. It was nice. May be this is one of the reason which will motivate skydivers:)

Spent time in flight of 55 min … breakfast, seeing the clouds, watching some movie on screen etc.

Soon we entered Hyd air, and it landed slowly landed with a thrust. Then I understood how much fast we were flying. (It was not easy to figure out when it was in air but can be on ground). Got down the plane, thanks for NO formal security checks for domestic arrivals (which might have killed some more time) .

In the outside lobby, I saw the driver holding my name card. Approached him and started towards my destination place which took more time than flying from MAA to HYD 😀

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Sandy’s blog is back

Finally I am back.
Its been a very long time .. I missed my blog alot, but not anymore. I will be keeping my blog updated on a frequent basis from here onwards.

Really missed all you guys.

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Worst-cum-best experiance at a Paper Presentation


Huh, when i first heard about this i thought this will be really rocking. But it took lesser than 12 hrs to realize that i have been thinking wrong, not just wrong but bitterly wrong. First lemme come up with the details of paper presentation.

NAME: Interface 2K7

Venue: Deparment of EIE, GITAM, Vizag.

Date: 01-03-2007 and 02-03-2007

From my earliest days of Engineering i had just imagined .. in such a way that it would be the best suitable college for engineering. I once had a cocktail view of gitam when i came to vizag for a tour. And seeing it in the middle of the slopes of the hill, i was really impressed, and from that days i have had few imaginations how the college will be.

When i first stepped in the front gate of the college, again i am bitterly wrong. <LOL> It’s much beyond, to my imagination. I was quiet impressed. And thought this would be my best paper presentation i have ever done. We entered the premises of the college with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. We headed to the registration center to get our names registered. Here we were given the first blow…

We had 3 members i our team and we were asked to fallow the IEEE standards in the submission of a paper. And our members are from different colleges. We were objected, since we are the combination delegates from different colleges. EVER HEARD THIS TYPE OF OBJECTION AT AN IEEE STANDARD PAPER? Its really pityful. And the registration fee is Rs.250/-. Dont think that this fee is for the paper, but this is for an author. What a kind…ok we never bothered in paying quarter a grand, since we will be given .. facilities like that pay only. I wish you should have seen the bag and stationary they have given us for attending the presentation (may be for paying 250 bucks). And some how we have been got in, and we were asked to gather at session hall at 1.30pm and the lunch is at 12.30pm. We have had lunch at 2.00pm and even the session started at 2.45 hardly. Hmm coming to the presentation, a very dull starting, anchoring reflects how careful they are in conducting the event. The very dull anchoring i have ever seen. But i am glad about the event coordinator there. At least they cared a bit for us. Another pitiful thing is about the judge. Generally a national level event will have the judges at least from .. out side the college. But its really disgusting not even from the another department of the same college … but same department .. Asst. Professor is our judge. We are on a bit of shock. Huh.. lemme come worth a sense of irony, he dont even knew what a MAC (Medium Access Control) but he is the judge for CSE category. Its really … (no words to express).

A part from this, from GITAMS  – Interface 2k7 i learned one thing. Never expect any thing due its reputation or .. status .. just believe in how much capable they are. Where i felt .. interface 2k7 is a Damn failure. Though the people there are extraordinary. They really need to understand this.

Hope they would be careful even in the future.

Sorry for bothering, Thanx for your time.


నూతన సంవత్సర వేడుకల విశేషాలు

ముందుగా అందరికీ నూతన సంవత్సర శుభాకాంక్షలు,

మేము అందరము ముందుగా మా ఇంటి లో కలుసుకోవాలని అనుకున్నాము. మొదట రుతువుల మిఠాయి దుకాణం (సీసన్స్ బేకరీ) లో కోడి గ్రుడ్డు మరియు మైదాపిండి తోచేసెడి ఒక మధురమైన వంటకము (కేక్-స్థలాభావము వల్లన ఇక ముందు ఇలా పిలవబడును) తీసుకొని, తరువాత సుఘంధ ద్రవ్యముల పూటకూళ్ల ఇల్లు (స్పైస్-ఇన్) లో బాగా ఆరగించిఅభినయ్ వాళ్ల ఇంటికి వెళ్లాము.
౧౨.౦౦ కి కేక్ కోసి, పండగ చేసాము. చాలా చిత్రాలు దిగినాము.ఆ చిత్రాలు ఈ క్రింది జోడి(లింక్) లో వున్నాయి.

వ్రాత కాఠిన్యత వల్లన మిగిలిన విషయములు చెప్పలేకున్నాను. క్షమించగలరు.
ఇది చదివి మీరు చాలా ఆనందించి వుంటారని అనుకుంటున్నాను.
మీ సందీప్

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