First flying experience .. thanks to Vw350en

I never thought I would get such a chance .. Got a call from Vw350en, and in no time they asked me to come over to Hyderabad.

In two days air tickets jumped into my mail box, I slowly started getting excited.

Up journey: MAA to HYD at 6:30 AM (Indian Airlines)
Down jouney: HYD to MAA at 6:55 PM (Jet Air)


Called one of my friend whose working as AME in MAA airport and asked him for guidelines. He suggested me to before at least 1hr saying its a peak time for domestic. Huh .. peak time I thought .. at morning 6:30 .. lets see ..

Went down to MAA at 4:30 AM itself, then I understood what he meant by peak time. Thousands of people are standing in queues of each airlines counters. Out of 4 Air India counters only 2 were open and there were 200 people standing in Q.

Waited patiently and took my boarding pass(took window seat:)) after 1 hour and 30 min more of security formalities.  Finally boarded the plane at 6:15 AM, it started at 6:30 and finally I started with my first flying.

Plane took 5 min running over the land for reaching assigned take off point. Upon reaching it, it started to accelerate and finally into air. I felt much that it was moving with great speed when on ground, but in the air it felt very smooth and  slow. However the images down on the earth started to become miniatures. Its like zooming out from the google maps using satellite mode 😀

Soon the clouds became visible right beside me,  in 2 more min there are no google maps out side only great white fur spread till the horizon.  See snaps I took. It was nice. May be this is one of the reason which will motivate skydivers:)

Spent time in flight of 55 min … breakfast, seeing the clouds, watching some movie on screen etc.

Soon we entered Hyd air, and it landed slowly landed with a thrust. Then I understood how much fast we were flying. (It was not easy to figure out when it was in air but can be on ground). Got down the plane, thanks for NO formal security checks for domestic arrivals (which might have killed some more time) .

In the outside lobby, I saw the driver holding my name card. Approached him and started towards my destination place which took more time than flying from MAA to HYD 😀

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