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IRC …The Real World

Do you ever think about your first program written in your first computer language?

Let me take consider that a child who learns C language will start his first program with this “Hello World !”



printf(“Hello World !“);


Is this …???

But have you ever think …… in any of the languages this is the first program you will ever learn it n`t it?

There lies the real thing… the ancient days of computers there are not that much no of people who learns computers and those who have knowledge about computers and their programing.

So how do they share their knowledge … they chat on-line…but in those days there are nothing yahoo messengers or any thing…but there is something like IRC.

Why to use IRC rather than Chat rooms

IRC includes a lot many no of of servers and channels. Some channels are official and the others are not. And there are lot many servers few of them are…,, like wise there are a lot many no of servers. And freenode is being prefer by a lot many no of communities as their official channels.

Practical usage of IRC

We need something like IRC client to use IRC. It just like yahoo messenger is needed to chat in y! network. So there are a lot many number of clients like .. mIRC,XChat,gaim etc. The preferred client is xchat (if you are using windows you can download it from here otherwise for GNU/Linux machines just type “sudo apt-get install xchat”)

first open of xchat ..

There is no need for the user account in IRC. Just give your nickname (nick), real name, server (you can edit a server list by clicking “Edit” shown in above pic. Generally the channels (for the sake of IRC lemme call the chat rooms as channels) starts with a “#” like ….

a channel “#c” will be involving the discussions about c-language

So some example official channels are #ubuntu, #fedora, #c++ etc.

There are also some specialised channels like

#ubuntu-in (Ubuntu activities in India)

#ubuntu-ap (Ubuntu activities in AP)

For example take server as “Freenode” and press connect.

Once you press the connect you will have the look like bellow

So you can fill that join channel by your own channel … or you can also have a look over all the channels that are available. I will join the channel #ubuntu and press OK, then
The right side list is the “nicks” of all the people who logged in the channel #ubuntu. And the text bar you can see at the bottom is to type the text that you want to send.

More usage in IRC

Some of the channels like #fedora,#java says that you must be recognised to enter the channel. This means to register your nick such that it will not be used by any other. To register your NICK .. first you should confirm whether the NICK is already registered or not … we can get it by typing

/msg nickserv info sandy16

>nickserv< info
-NickServ- Nickname: Sandy16
-NickServ- Registered: 28 weeks 6 days (5h 3m 24s) ago
-NickServ- Last Seen: 5 hours 23 minutes 40 seconds ago
-NickServ- Last Seen Address: n=sandy@
-NickServ- Last Seen Quit Msg: “Leaving”
-NickServ- Nickname Options: Secure, AllowMemos, MemoNotify, MemoSignon

Lets try the info command for the nick “sandy16aa”

/msg nickserv info sandy16aa

>nickserv< info
-NickServ- The nickname [sandy16aa] is not registered

So if we want our nick to be registered, first set your nick to the nick you want and type the following command

/msg nickserv register yourpassword

So the message will be displayed once you register

Q. Do i need to register every time i login?

No, once you register your nick enough. From the next time you need if you need to identify your nick then

/msg nickserv IDENTIFY yourpassword

So once you type this .. you will be displayed a message saying you are now recognized.

Q. Do i need to type this much long command every time i need to identify?

No, you can set the automatic login to the user at the very first picture of this discussion, click the Edit button there. You will see the well defined options. Hope you will understand.

Q.Can I join another channel while a channel being opened?

Yes. Just type the command of joining a channel

/join #fedora


/j #fedora

You can even set the list of channels separated by “,” in the Edit menu of the very first pic. So when ever you login these channels are automatically joined.

Q. Whats if I dont have a IRC client and i am unable to install any client.

That will be not a problem, when you don’t have an IRC client.Because there are plenty of IRC portals in the web. It means that they will be connected to IRC using the browser. Some of them are fallowing..



But the second link runs using JRE, the client system need to have the Java Run-time Environment, this can be downloaded from here.

A Last reminder …..

The IRC has a specific regulations … so please follow them to get a good results of its usage.

Guide lines for IRC

So hope you would join explore the world of sharing knowledge … i,we, every one call it as IRC.

Waiting for feed back



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Why do we go with GNU/Linux…

Hi this is Sandeep. I am an Ubuntu Tuxian. As this is my first blog i wanna share some of my feeling with you people.

First of all let me start with a quote “Human Knowledge belongs to world ” . I know lot many of you people will agree with me. Is n`t it?

Whats if Sir Isaac Newton has copyrighted his works on the gravity principle he made….i am really afraid to say whether there would be any person like Albert Einstein or some body. Really….I a person had ever hide their knowledge how is the world going to survive any more…

There started a revolution against those who put the barrier against the humans and their knowledge…..its started by….Richard M Stalman (RMS) and named a free software foundation so here starts the game…